Theatre Bizarre Postponed Until 2022

theatre bizarre

The popular Halloween masquerade, Theatre Bizarre, announced the cancellation of the event this year. This marks the second year in a row the event has not happened. The first, due to COVID and this year, they posted a message on Instagram stating:

We wanted so badly to return to the temple and revel once more, and we know you did as well. Unfortunately, fate had other plans. The undertaking of throwing the Greatest Masquerade on Earth is gargantuan; booking and organizing performers, assembling crew, recruiting volunteers, building sets, not to mention acquiring the tomes and artifacts necessary to summon Zombo from his dreamless oblivion; all of these things take considerable time and resources.

On a good year, this work begins in January (the first Tuesday of the month, in fact). By this time, we’d have hundreds of jobs assigned, shows already in the works, and production humming along, but with no indication of what this year held, and still reeling from lost time and effort of the last year, we were unable to begin that process as we usually would.

You’ll have to wait until 2022 to get your fix. I know we cant!

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